Khloe Kardashian is not pregnant. She was not pregnant on Wednesday when Lifestyle & Fashion claimed she was getting a baby. And she’s nonetheless not pregnant on Thursday, when MediaTakeOut picked up the story. Far more incredibly, MediaTakeOut’s report is not just the common “late and wrong” regurgitation. The web site couldn’t even handle to regurgitate the authentic story appropriately. Its headline reads, “REPORT: Khloe Kardashian Is PREGNANT… And She Does not Know Who Her BABYS FATHER IS… She Narrowed It Down To 5 Men!!” And the accompanying story states, “According to this week’s problem of Daily life And Fashion magazine, Khloe Kardashian is pregnant – and she is not specific who her baby’s father is.” Except, as Gossip Cop pointed out yesterday, Daily life & Fashion didn’t in fact say Kardashian was pregnant. Or that she was uncertain who the “father” was. Rather, the sensational story explained Kardashian was contemplating obtaining a baby by way of IVF after freezing her eggs, and the tabloid’s “sources” speculated about guys who could potentially be the donor “dad.” It’s cover, nonetheless, surely gave a stronger impression that Kardashian was at present expecting, and had no thought who fathered her youngster. That is the route MediaTakeOut chose to consider, and as noticed in the photograph above, the internet site then took it even even more by illustrating its report with a image of Kardashian looking as if she’s shocked and puzzled over the news.

Don’t be fooled: There is no child daddy mystery, and Kardashian is not pregnant. But that didn’t stop the clueless MediaFakeOut from incorporating, “If she IS pregnant, our bet is on Scott…” Properly, the webloid might want to “bet” again, and not just simply because Kardashian isn’t pregnant. As Gossip Cop previously mentioned, hours after our correct bust on Wednesday, Scott Disick took to Instagram to mock to Life & Design for its cover story claims. Now MTO undoubtedly deserves mocking, also, particularly simply because this is hardly the very first time the outlet has falsely claimed Kardashian is expecting.

And it’s also worth pointing out that even the site’s very own commenters are calling out its “pregnant” report for being so clearly false.

For shame.

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